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Prime Credit Customers

Liberty is well established and through the years have aligned themselves with an array of top shelf Lenders and Credit Unions

Liberty Cars and Trucks on East Bell Road in Phoenix has the ability to provide low interest financing.


Since we have been established for nearly 25 years, we have an array of lenders that have softened their criteria, those who were once


Some of our lenders are nationwide while others a less know but very flexible, mileage and year aren't considered like most traditional loans


You may find that your budget dictates a less expensive vehicle, perhaps a little older or one with a little higher mileage and that may not fit in the scope of your bank or credit union's criteria, well we have several prime lenders that offer extremely low rates on older vehicles with no mileage restrictions


Give Liberty and their resources a chance to prove to you that we can fit the bill


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  • I am at least 18 years old and a permanent resident of the United States.
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  • I have truthfully and completely provided the required information on this application.


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