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4x2 vs 4x4 Trucks

There is a great deal of lingo that you need to become aware of before you can fully master the language of car buying. One of the more important distinctions to know is the difference between a 4×4 and 4×2 wheel drive. These numbers make a huge difference in the type of experience that you have in your car. If you are looking at a Ford F-150, it definitely benefits you to learn the difference.

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4×2 VS 4×4

When you see 4×2 or 4×4, these numbers are referring to the way that the wheels are utilized to drive the vehicle. 4×2 can be written another way – 2WD. Both terms stand for “two wheel drive.”



Two wheel drive means that two of the four wheels of the vehicle are receiving power to drive and steer the car at any one time. A 4×2 Ford F-150 can receive power to its front wheels or to its rear wheels.

Front wheel drive gives you the following benefits:

▪ Lower production cost

▪ Lower weight

▪ Better fuel economy

▪ Better road traction


Rear wheel drive sends power to the two back wheels in order to drive the car. The benefits of rear wheel drive on the Ford F-150 are as follows:

▪ A more equal distribution of weight throughout the vehicle

▪ Better handling and balance

▪ Increased power when accelerating


Powerful trucks like the Ford F-150 must be driven from the rear wheels because of the balancing advantages. If the F-150 was driven from the front wheels, it would be much more difficult, if not impossible to drive.

A 4×2 RWD (rear wheel drive) Ford F-150 can be improved through features such as a traction control system and antilock brakes.



4×4 is also written commonly as “4WD.” 4WD stands for “4 wheel drive,” meaning that power goes to all 4 wheels at once from the transmission in order to drive the Ford F-150. Power moves through the transfer case and keeps all 4 wheels turning at the same speed. 4 wheel drive may seem like the more sophisticated system, but it is not always advantageous. For instance, tight corners need the inside wheel to spin more slowly than the outside wheels.

The best 4 wheel drive option is the option that can be manually switched on and off by the driver. 4WD works like a charm over inclement road conditions such as rocky or muddy straight roads. Once the Ford F-150 moves through that rough patch, you can switch back to 2WD for maximum fuel efficiency with the on the fly 4 Wheel Drive option.

The 2WD to 4WD driving mechanism on the Ford F-150 is only one of the reasons that you should consider investing in this powerful and useful vehicle. With other features that speak to the company’s concern for its target audience, the Ford F-150 will serve you well in all types of situations and crazy weather conditions.

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