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Bad Credit Auto Dealers



Cars dealers usually work tirelessly and try to make supernormal profits for the firm where they are currently employed. The driving force or incentive behind such input is the increment in the monthly income courtesy of the commission earned. Many individuals prefer auto dealers to banks because seeking approval from a bank to finance your vehicle might fall through in case you have a bad credit score. The dealer, on the other hand, knows what he or she has to gain once your needs as a client, are made possible. There are numerous financing avenues for individuals who opt for bad credit loans. Several of the financial planning ways that get advertised let the consumer know they can choose to go for the car they want and at the same time still feel self-comfortable while settling whatever loan amount they owe. Financing firms thus approach car dealers and various credit managers with their minimum requirements.

Some dealers have the capabilities of offering three primary types of car funding for individuals with bad credit. These include:


Hire Purchase

For some reason, this kind of financing gets considered as the most secured plan for a vehicle. As a borrower, you can’t impulsively decide to find a buyer for a car you’ve not completely paid for without the lender. In addition to this, if you skip a payment the car can be repossessed anytime and anywhere. In hindsight, it’s somehow more expensive in comparison to a bank loan.


Personal Contract Purchase

It’s an investment that involves an agreement that describes how small monthly payments get remitted over an extended fixed period. The upside to this type of financing is that it comes with a variety of options. For instance, a borrower can decide to sell the car privately and use the proceeds to pay off the entire debt. Secondly, he or she can return the vehicle, and the debt will automatically get settled. And lastly, the individual can decide to make the full payment at once after a while. It’s an avenue preferred mostly by those people who require frequent changes in their payment plan or those who need replacing their old car with a new one. This process is contingent on the Minimum Guaranteed Future Value (MGFV) for the car. Hence, to prevent any penalties you might incur, ensure the vehicle is in peak condition and has the agreed mileage value.


Contract Hire

It has so many similarities as the above scheme but the only difference being the borrower can’t sell the car at his or her convenience. The agreed mileage limits, type of car leasing cost, and the period within which all payments ought to get paid are all in the contract. With this kind of financing, you need to pay a three-month rental in advance. Remember the deals should come under the annual percentage rate, and more options to purchase the car. A number of car dealers known to offer cars financing for bad credit are:


Atlas Automotive

The dealership works on the principles of respect, integrity, and trust to deliver quality services to their clients. These values get exuded from the sales made together with the business practices that customers consistently gravitate towards after every sale. The firm doesn’t focus much on your credit situation so if your credit got damaged by foreclosure, divorce, or even bankruptcy then they are your go-to people as they will offer you a guaranteed credit approval. To ensure you get approved for a car of your choice, they work hand in hand with different credit unions and banking institutions. Visit them and get the best deals in the market as you get treated with a much-deserved respect and courtesy.


Olympic Auto Sales

Dealers here are friendly and are always ready to help out any client despite your credit score. The process involved is not as convoluted, and the experience is one of a kind. They ensure not only do you get the car you wished to get, but also make certain you are completely comfortable with the payment options availed to you.


Amigo Auto Sales

These dealers have a broad range of vehicles that are in excellent condition and with low mileage. It’s the perfect place for people who have credit scores that are below 600. What many consider an eye-catcher is the 7.95 percent financing offered to everyone regardless their credit ratings. Dealers at Amigo Auto Sales draft payment plans that are friendly to anyone’s particular situation and work with clients who for one reason or another, skip payments.


Aztec Auto & Truck

The dealership constitutes a team that strives to help out all potential customers who have unique credit needs. They understand people often go through bad experiences and thus find themselves in credit situations. With their loan experts, they help you find the best car loan or auto financing solutions specifically tailored for you along with the most competitive interest rates.


Georgia Auto Gallery

The dealership tries to give its clients a second chance in life. They will treat you the same way they would treat any other individual despite your credit score category. Plus, their vehicles come with a 2-year bumper-to-bumper warranty, and if you refer ten other people to the dealership, they pay off the car and hand over the title to you as a way of appreciation.

Regardless your credit ratings, there’s always a dealer out there who’ll work with you to figure out a blueprint that will help you get a car and finance it. Don’t let your predicament intimidate you and subsequently, stop you from getting want you desperately need.

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