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Life is a learning curve! As you try to live it to the fullest you might end up making mistakes here and there along the way. However, what matters most is how you handle them and get back on the saddle. Poor financial decisions, termination of employment, divorce, your inexperience as a youth, or other uncontrollable misfortunes are some of the issues that can make you desperately need a bad credit auto loan.

According to FICO, if you have a credit score of five hundred and seventy-nine or something lower than that then your credit score is wanting. Luckily, we have a way all around that, and we’re talking about the best bad credit auto financing options.

Frankly, a bad credit history doesn’t augur well with banks or any other lender out there. At the same time, it doesn’t necessarily mirror your trait as a person or your work ethic. The improbability to typically secure an auto loan on your own with a poor credit rating is the reason as to why these options are made available in the first place. It’s imperative you ensure you don’t sink yourself further in by making large purchases that will end up forcing you to be in yet another loan agreement. Your focus should be entirely in mending your credit ratings.


Below is a guide to the best bad credit auto loans:


Auto Credit Express

With the help of this firm, you get to work with dealers best suited for you as you go for that car that fits your budget. The maximum loan amount given depends on you as an individual and not your credit score. It also presents to you options that lead to a lower APR, and one other thing worth noting is that it doesn’t deny you a loan for a high-mileage vehicle right away but it takes into account other factors that come into play. However, for you to work with them, you need a guaranteed monthly fixed income of at least 1500 dollars that you earn from your full-time career or other sources like the Social Security payments.

The firm relies on your application information to put you in touch with the best lenders found in its database. One other thing that many people find fascinating about this site is the interest rate estimator that helps you approximate your APR. As an example, take a resident of Columbus, Ohio who has a credit score of something close to six hundred and wants a fifteen thousand dollar used-car loan. They may get an eleven percent average APR or something a little bit higher.

What we’re saying is the estimator takes into account your place of residence, your credit score, and more importantly, the type of car you are purchasing for it to make the estimated calculations. Unfortunately, residents of Alaska and Hawaii don’t qualify for application because the firm only works with 1800 dollar minimum monthly income with no open bankruptcies. Plus, the car you’re going for shouldn’t be more than eight years old or have a hundred thousand miles on it. The site gets graded an A+ by the Better Business Bureau.



If you’re looking to finance or refinance your car, then this is your go-to place because the company offers such loans. Within thirty seconds of submitting your application online, you get a decision before going to the dealership. Santander Consumer USA is a leading bad credit auto loan provider and the owner of


Capital One

This firm gives you an opportunity to look into more than twelve thousand dealers countrywide while you try to find your ideal car and get real-time APR information. You immediately realize it has an extensive buyer-education resource and very competitive rates on the market. Its Auto Navigator also makes it possible for you to compare specific vehicle payments at the comfort of your home. Capital One finances cars that are at most ten years old with a limit of 120,000 miles and your monthly income should be at least 1500 dollars. The loan amount hinges on your credit.

The site targets those who have imperfect credit and offers loans between 7000 dollars to 45000 dollars. Within 60 seconds of your online application submission, you receive an instant decision without tampering with your credit score. If you’re looking to refinance an already existing car loan, the firm makes this possible at a lower interest rate.


Blue Sky Auto Finance

It kicked off its operations in 2004, and this makes the company relatively young in the market. It acts as a conduit between bad-credit and multiple lenders. Unlike some of its competitors, the rules of engagement are clear cut with this firm as it only works with a credit score of at least 550. Furthermore, it considers discharged clients that get declared bankrupt. Even though you’ll realize the site is a tab bit cluttered, it offers remarkable car buying tips and finance calculators. Just like, Blue Sky Auto Finance is given an A+ with the BBB.

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