Toyota Trucks For Sale in Phoenix, AZ

Toyota Trucks Over The Years Toyota never started out as a recognized company for their innovations and its modifications on automobiles, like the hybrid and eco-friendly Prius or the famous Corolla or Camry. Apart from being a big name in the compact and the mid-sized sedan car class, Toyota has also made some astonishing improvements […]


Buying a Used Car in Phoenix

Benefits of Buying a Used Car from Phoenix Used Car Dealers Shopping for a car can seem like a daunting task. You have several decisions to make such as where to make your purchase, what make and model to choose, and whether you should buy a new or used vehicle. In truth, there is a […]


Buy Here Pay Here in Phoenix, AZ

Buy Here Pay Here in Phoenix We Offer Buy Here Pay Here (BHPH)! Premier Used Cars and Trucks has been offering Buy Here Pay Here financing in Phoenix for over 25 years! As a matter of fact, we have been the number one choice for many used car buyers and repeat customers because of our […]


4X2 And 4X4 Trucks For Sale In Phoenix, AZ

4×2 VS 4×4 When you see 4×2 or 4×4, these numbers are referring to the way that the wheels are utilized to drive the vehicle. 4×2 can be written another way – 2WD. Both terms stand for “two wheel drive.” THE 4×2 SYSTEM Two wheel drive means that two of the four wheels of the […]


Bad Credit Auto Dealers

BAD CREDIT AUTO DEALERS Cars dealers usually work tirelessly and try to make supernormal profits for the firm where they are currently employed. The driving force or incentive behind such input is the increment in the monthly income courtesy of the commission earned. Many individuals prefer auto dealers to banks because seeking approval from a […]


90 Days No Payments in Phoenix, AZ

No Payments For 90 Days Auto loans can be difficult to understand, especially when there are so many things you’ll want to consider, the loan amount and the balance after the loan payment, the consequences of a missed payment, where to finance, what you can afford to pay monthly, and many other considerations. What are […]


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