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First Time Buyer Ford F-150 Financing in Phoenix, AZ


First Time Buyer Auto Loan Programs

Decision making, especially those involving a huge amount of cash can be daunting. What’s more, it can be even worse if you are a first –time buyer with a poor credit score. However, this shouldn’t be the case if you incorporate a good lending program. You should note that first-time buyers are much privileged than existing clients. For instance, if you are planning to buy a new or used car, there are several first-time buyer programs you can take advantage of. Such programs include Buy Here Pay Here (BHPH), In-house financing, cash advance, special finance, car title loan, and many more

Low or no credit is indeed one of the biggest limiting factors for individuals seeking car loans. Regardless, with the services of a good lending program, you can comfortably receive your desired car loan. This blog seek to take you through an in-depth review of in-house financing and how you can utilize the program to receive your first car loan. Stick along as we will uncover some of its benefits, how it works, and some of its related programs.

What is in-house financing?

In-house financing is an automobile seller financing program that enables individuals to secure loans on vehicles. It is integrated into the majority of car dealerships to enable individuals to apply, get pre-approved, and receive their desired vehicle with little or no difficulty. Typically, in-house financing is the ideal option for those interested in securing quick loans on vehicles within the shortest time possible. In most cases, in-house financing will offer loans to anyone who has been turned down by banks and other lending institutions. To help you get an insight into how you can utilize this platform, take a peek on how to purchase a Ford F-150 below.


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How to purchase F-150s for sale in Phoenix using in-house financing

If you have ever used or seen the numerous Ford F-150s variances in the market, you will agree with me that they make one of the best quality vehicles in the market. Nonetheless, good quality calls for high prices. Some of their F-150s variances are quite expensive. However, with in-house financing, you can comfortably purchase your ideal F-150. The program enables you to apply comfortably and gets approved for a loan even with a low credit score.

All you are required to do is head to their online platform, fill in their loan form, and wait for their approval. Alternatively, you can visit any Ford dealership in Phoenix and have an agent assist you with the necessary process. Agents at the dealerships offering F-150s for sale in Phoenix will first have you approved then they will let you know the type of F-150 you can afford. Among some of the most common F-150 variance include F-150 Rariant, Raptor, and Shelby. Note that your capability to afford any of the above Ford variants will be accessed from your current earnings and your type of job.

Why you need in-house financing to purchase your first F-150

Typically, loans are fundamental in the purchasing of any variable commodity if your financial status is not strong. Likewise, it is imperative for buyers to utilize in-house financing while searching new or used vehicles. Although these vehicles are well-known to integrate top-notch performance as well as interior and interior features they are quite expensive, especially for first-time buyers. If you are still not fully convinced why you need the services of a good financing platform, take a peek at some of its advantages below:

Merits of in-house financing

As compared to auto loans offered by banks and other lending institutions in-house financing offers plenty of advantages. Statistics reveal that in-house financing is one of the most utilized forms of the financial lending program today. Here’s why:

It offers no credit checks

If you are looking for an F-150, you will be glad to hear that an in-house financing program does not need to run a credit check to give you a loan. The only thing you are required to do is apply and wait for approval. It is quite awesome since you won’t need to go through the long process integrated into the banking institutions today. Note that to receive an in-house financing loan without any difficulty ensure you have a good and steady flow of income, a down payment, as well as documentation showing your residential details.

It is possible to apply and drive on the same day

Quick turn-around-time is perhaps one of the best things about in-house financing. As mentioned earlier, application for a loan with in-house financing is quite simple and precise. Even better, its approval rate is quite fast. You can apply for a loan with the platform and receive your funding on the same day. However, ensure you carry all the required documentation before deciding to visit a dealership.


In-house financing alternatives

Although in-house financing is the most utilized financial lending program in the majority of car dealerships, there are several alternatives you can integrate. Listed below are some of these alternatives:

Ford credit

Ford credit is an auto financing program offered by Ford Company. Using this platform, individuals can shop online through any Ford dealership websites. Typically, all you are required to do is visit any Ford dealership online and talk with an agent. You will be provided with an application form where you can fill in the required details, and you will automatically be approved for a loan. Better, Ford Credit in partnership with AutoFi is determined to ensure anyone looking for a Ford F-150 gets their ideal variance with little or no difficulty. 

Point-of-sale financing

In the current digital world, the sophisticated technology incorporated in the financial institutions has significantly eased buyer’s credit financing. Indeed, if you tried accessing a loan with any point-of-sale program, you will agree with me that its operational criterion is outstanding. It offers not only a fast turn-around-time but also simple and easy to use methods. It simplifies the buyer’s lending process by incorporating the latest innovations, which conveniently enables the client to apply for credits at the point of sale. What’s more, the approval duration is quite fast and will probably take a couple of seconds.


From the above prognosis, there is no doubt that incorporating the services of financial programs such as in-house financing hold numerous benefits as compared to third-party lenders. If is for this reason that it is imperative for buyers searching for an F-150 to integrate the services of these programs for easier and fast loans.

If your credit is suffering from financial mistakes made in your past, look no further than our Buy Here Pay Here Financing Department. We work with people like you who have less than perfect credit or no credit at all to ensure that you get a fair deal on a vehicle that you want to drive at rates that are relatively fair. The best way to find out about interest rates and payment is to contact our Finance Department to discuss your options. In fact, you can pick up the phone and Call 602 331-3333 and one of our Service Managers can have you behind the wheel of a vehicle sooner than you think. Our auto and truck Finance Office professionals are friendly and willing to work within your budget to find you a vehicle that best suits your needs.

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