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First Time Buyers Low Rates

One of the questions that are usually on the lips of every car buyer is how to be sure the price they see on a particular car is the best one. There has never been a better answer to this question until Liberty Cars and Trucks began offering its services.


At times, purchasing a car for the first time can be very daunting. It does not matter whether it is just having your loan to be approved, there are certain barriers that first-time car buyer programs always face. There is usually a sense of safety that arises from owning a motor vehicle that has no ambiguity concerning its past as well having a warranty.


At Liberty Cars and Trucks, there are special programs that are created for the first time car buyers. Apart from assisting you in getting the best new car as easy and quick and possible, the programs would also inform you on the deals found on the most reliable car brands and the most affordable ones. It can be very hard to acquire a loan when you have limited to no credit history. You could be set to purchase a car, but getting financed is an entirely new thing.


First Time Buyers in Phoenix


Liberty Cars and Trucks is one of the few Phoenix dealerships that fully caters to all kinds of buyers. Compared to the average price of $31,078 for new cars that existed nearly five years ago, the average price of a brand new car now stands at $34,623.


The other thing that has also spiked is the rates of interest, which now stands at close to 5.7% as opposed to 4.4% that was the case almost four years ago. According to a reliable research, a combination of longer loans, higher prices of automobiles, as well as the ever-increasing rates of interest implies that a buyer might be forced to pay an additional $6,500 than they would have paid some years ago. At Liberty Cars and Trucks, these are some of the factors that are given first priority. That’s why this dealership has created special programs that are meant to give first-time car shoppers the best experience as they venture into this ever-increasing car market.


The truth is, the price is one of the most important factors in any kind of purchase. For those who are on a very tight budget, the most affordable motor vehicle on the market costs slightly less than $15,000, and they have automatic transmission. It is, however, important to note that there would usually be a $1,500 rebate that might lower the price to around $15,000 before the discounts of the dealer are introduced.


Car shoppers often ask themselves if there is a way they can save money on a particular vehicle they are purchasing. The solution is only in purchasing a car that is less expensive for first-time buyers in Phoenix. It is important to always remember that new cars would not stay new forever, but when you get your first car from Liberty Cars and Trucks, we will ensure that you have the best deal and best services afterward. With that, your car might stay new for a very long period of time.


New cars get dirty, would regularly require oil changes, and after about a half a year of driving it, you would notice it’s just an ordinary car. When it reaches to that point, the previous commitment you might have made as a new car owner every year or month might, at times, not appear so realistic and appealing.


First Time Car Buyer in Phoenix


For the first car shopper in Phoenix who is looking forward to buying a car that they would drive the wheels literally fall off, then Liberty Cars and Trucks is the place to be. This is the only car merchandiser and dealer that boasts of a rich history of reliability. The experts here will help you in picking the best deals and make your first car shopping experience a great one. Apart from reliability, those who are looking forward to owning their first sporty rides, there is no better place to run to than Liberty Cars and Trucks shop.


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