Tax Refund Incentive Financing in Phoenix, AZ

Posted Tuesday, Sep 14, 2021

Tax Refund Incentive

If you're anticipating a considerable tax refund, you might be thinking of shopping for an automobile. And you won't be alone. Thousands of Americans look into purchasing vehicles throughout "tax season" each year, and automobile dealerships in Phoenix provide plenty of refund-specific incentives around this time.

Many dealers will "Match Your Tax Refund," that means that they'll double your tax return (up to a certain amount) from the govt. and increase your deposit by 100%. For example, if your refund is $2,000, you'll have a total down payment amount of $4,000 at participating dealerships.

If you have no credit or significantly damaged credit you may not be thinking about the best tax incentives being offered on newer vehicles, instead all you are looking for is a fair chance to getting approved for an auto loan that will allow you to purchase a reliable car or truck that will get you where you need to go. Let Premier Used Cars and Trucks help you! We will be more than happy to take the time to go over your financial situation and get you in a vehicle that you will be proud to own!

Possible Restrictions on Promotion

As with any attractive offer, you ought to investigate every single detail of the promotion so that you understand the kind of deal you are getting.

The promotion varies for each dealership 

A little time spent researching can reveal that whereas some dealers will solely match your refund up to $500, some are willing to double the maximum amount as $1000.

Increased Matching may decrease the selection

It may sound more enticing when a dealership is offering one of the highest dollar amount matches. Keep in mind that these dealerships may have a restriction on which vehicles you may purchase with that offer. For example, in order to use the highest dollar amount matched, the dealership may tell you that it can only be applied towards one of 5 particular vehicles on their lot.

Their offer may apply to newer vehicles only

Depending on which dealership you choose to go to usually the higher dollar tax incentive matches are restricted to newer vehicle purchases versus older and cheaper vehicles.

Thinking Long Term 

Having the power to double your down payment when purchasing a vehicle seems like a really good deal and may certainly increase your decision to buy a newer or more luxury car that might otherwise be out of your price range. Potential buyers with little, no, or bad credit should take some extra time to go over their finances before committing to any loans that could end up more burdensome.

The Interest Rate: What is your credit score? 

If your FICO score isn't high enough to qualify you for a low interest rate, the vehicle that you’re considering buying may end up being more expensive than you initially expected. Calculate the entire cost of the selected car, purchase price, down payment, taxes, promotional offers, etc., and you may find out that no matter what incentive the dealership is offering, that specific vehicle is realistically unaffordable.

The Monthly Payments:

Take into consideration all your other monthly bills. If it seems like you will be stretching every dollar from your paycheck in order to make the monthly car payment you may be overextending yourself. This doesn’t leave any room for any car repairs, unexpected expenses or emergencies that may came up. Being late on your car payment will damage your credit score and in some cases may end up with your car being repossessed.

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